A brief chat with Erika, our catering sales manager

Headshot of Erika Perez of Faculty Club.

Erika Perez, our catering sales manager, supports our customers in selecting the perfect menu and provides key guidance to make sure your experience feels seamless. She is available to guide you through the planning process to ensure your event is successful.

What is your favorite dish?
I love the avocado, artichoke, and hearts of palm salad. More recently, I have fallen for the pineapple shrimp.

What is your favorite event space?
I love the seventh floor of the School of Nursing, with the natural light and terrace. In New York City, we often feel stuck between concrete and walls, so this space gives you a feeling of openness that is rare in the city.

If you could be a guest at any type of event, what would you prefer?
Definitely receptions. I’m a blabbermouth so that gives me a chance to talk to everybody!

What is a memorable moment from your time working with the Faculty Club?
If I go with my gut, what really comes to mind is a memorial reception we held a few years ago for a young woman who passed away. When I learned more about her, I was heartbroken for that person’s family and friends. How do you give a nice experience to people who are grieving? It’s nearly impossible. We talked about the things she liked to eat, what her family and friends would want to see. Although black and white would have been a safe color scheme for the room set-up, we instead decided to celebrate her life. Her colleagues investigated for me the kind of music she liked and her favorite color. We had rich purple linens and cherry blossoms. It was the most beautiful I ever saw the Faculty Club. The fact that the guests who knew her was so pleased with it means that to this day, this event is the dearest to my heart.

What is one of the most important aspects of being part of the Faculty Club team?
Nothing works without person-to-person relationships. Going digital with our catering forms and reservation system has freed us up to have more valuable conversations with our customers.


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